ClaroSwiss C cartridge family

ClaroSwiss C cartridge family 1
ClaroSwiss C cartridge family 1

Protect your equipment

ClaroSwiss C avoids that the pH value drops to much, which increases corrosion protection and inhibits metal migration from machine parts. Due to the patented ClaroSwiss C mineral stabilization technology, in combination with the patented DUOBLEND® technology, there is always a stable setting of natural minerals, irrespective of flow rate and pressure. The ClaroSwiss C system is the unrivaled solution for premium hot beverages that satisfies customers and a allows trouble-free business with higher liter capacity in parallel.

One fits all

The Claroswiss filter family is a modular system using only one multifunctional head with a wide range of cartridges. Thanks to compact dimensions the various combinations can be installed and operated everywhere - free standing or mounted, vertical or horizontal.

  • > Cartridge replacement in seconds due to automatic valves
    > Flush directly at the filter head
    > Gasket replacement automatically with every new cartridge

ClarioSwiss C is available in 6 sizes. Each size has incremental capacity for soft to very hard water areas, fitting all kind of volume operations.

Sizes: 170C, 250C, 500C, 1000C, 1500C, 2000C