ClaroSwiss C

ClaroSwiss C is offering a unique filtration technology! It is designed to be the most effective system in terms of scale control,
machine protection and operating cost.

The composition of water differs according to location, particularly in terms of calcium, chlorides, organic and inorganic impurities.
Lime scale or aggressive water reduce the life time of vending machines and increase their operating cost.
Thus, a water filter system should be decided carefully.

ClaroSwiss C is more than just a water filter. The unique ClaroSwiss C combines sophisticated filtration technology with Swiss
engineering excellence in a single cartridge.


> Hardness and TDS reduction
> Calcium stabilisation and lime scale protection
> Organic / Inorganic impurities reduction
> Heavy metal reduction, like lead, copper, mercury
> Micro particles reduction with 5 micron activated carbon block
> Bacteria inhibition
> High flow-rate
> Highest capacity

Best coffee and tea quality

Hot coffee or tea are made to 98% out of water. Superior water quality is the most important for best and consistent quality of coffee
or tea. Flavor and aroma depend on a balanced level of minerals and acidity in the water. Experienced baristas arount the world
know that best.

ClaroSwiss C makes the best out of water. It removes bad tastes and odours and regulates the hardness and mineral content
to provide the best water for hot beverages over a broad range of water hardness. The combination of softening the water while
preserving and stabilizing a balanced level of minerals, is the secret of the unique and patented ClaroSwiss C technology.

> Coffee with perfect crema, full flavours and mouthwatering aroma
> Tea with fine flavours and bright clarity
> 24/7 constant quality

Best equipment protection

Equipment life time and cost for maintenance depend on the capability of the filter system. Only precisely balanced mineral levels
protect machine parts effectively from water related problems, incl. corrosion.

The ClaroSwiss C combination of softening the water while preserving and stabilizing a balanced level of minerals, is the secret for
effective machine protection parallel to serve high quality hot drinks.

  • > Vending around the clock without down-times caused by lime scale
    > Extended life time at lower operating cost (energy and maintanance)
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